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Please read all of the Terms & Conditions before signing up.

1. Processing of new online sign ups may take as longs as two (2) full business days (M-F, excluding Holidays) before access is provided. During this “new account processing” period no proration of monthly fees is provided.

2. An email will be sent to you after your online application has been accepted into our system.

3. During the new account processing period, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided with further instructions on how to begin parking at the facility, obtain credentials, access card, etc.

4. A recurring monthly convenience fee may be included in your monthly total.

5. An initial activation fee may be charged per parker for new applicants. This will be added to your first month payment. This fee will not apply to existing parkers signing up for online recurring payments.

6. Your application may be rejected at the discretion of Parking Concepts.

7. This is a license to park one vehicle in the facility described within the application. No bailment is intended or created in this grant of monthly parking privileges. Vehicles left during unattended times are left at customer’s own risk.

8. Except for loss attributable to the gross negligence of Parking Concepts, Parking Concepts will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to customer’s vehicle or personal property left in the vehicle from fire, theft, collision or any other form of damage or loss occurring while the vehicle is in the garage.

9. Monthly parking charges are payable in advance and due on the 1st day of the month. A grace period of 5 days is granted whereby all payments must be received by 5:00 pm on the 5th calendar day of each month. If payment is not received as specified, a late fee may be charged for reactivation; otherwise, all parking privileges under this Application are terminated. No pro-ration against monthly charges will be allowed.

10. Reinstatement of parking privileges is the sole discretion of Parking Concepts. No offset will be allowed for parking charges incurred by customer after termination of parking privileges. To qualify for reinstatement, Customer will be required to pay the full monthly charge for each month starting with the month of termination through and including the month of reinstatement.

11. Where applicable, lost or damaged access cards issued must be reported to Parking Concepts immediately. A replacement fee may be charged for a replacement of a lost or damaged card.

12. Where applicable, use of the monthly access card by person(s) other than the designated user may result in cancellation of parking privileges.

13. Monthly parking is subject to change at the discretion of Parking Concepts, with thirty days written notice to the customer. Parking Concepts reserves the right to terminate monthly parking privileges under this Application with written notice to customer.

14. Extended storage of vehicles is not permitted. A vehicle must exit the facility daily. Vehicles left in the facility for longer than one week shall be considered abandoned and shall be subject to legal process including (a) lien sale proceedings; (b) removal from garage at vehicle owner’s expense; (c) vehicle boot, (d) small claims court proceedings and (e) proceedings under sections 10652 of the California Vehicle Code.

15. This application constitutes the entire agreement between Parking Concepts and the customer for monthly parking privileges. Except for a written agreement signed by Parking Concepts, no attendant or other person working in the garage has authority to alter or change the terms and conditions set forth in this application.

16. Monthly card holders may park in any space except those designated for disabled, reserved and restricted areas as directed by the attendant. The valet attendant may park and retrieve your vehicle on your behalf.

17. Monthly parking terminations must be provided in writing thirty (30) days in advance. Terminations made within thirty (30) days will be billed at the contracted rate without pro-ration. Cancellation may be done online.

18. Customer agrees to follow the instructions of garage personnel and/or posted signage.

19. All vehicles are to be properly parked within the lines indicating a single parking stall. Vehicles parked improperly or in a grossly negligent manner are subject to tow at the vehicle owners expense.

Parking Concepts, Inc.

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